Deep healing on a physical and spiritual level with QHHT® - Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique created by Dolores Cannon and Beyond Quantum Healing - BQH® creaed by Candace Craw-Goldman.Both of these methods involve guiding the client into the deepest somnambulistic state of hypnosis through visualization. This state occurs naturally only twice a day, immediately after waking up and just before falling asleep, and it allows for time and space travel, facilitating insight into previous / parallel incarnations on Earth and beyond.During the session, we also connect with the all-knowing Subconscious, that is directly connected to Source and can also heal the physical body from all kinds of diseases, provided of course that it is not contrary to the Soul's mission on Earth.The practitioner prepares the client for the session during the initial interview and safely guides them through this beautiful journey through time and space.It is the Subconscious that chooses the best incarnation for the client to see and experience, so that the deepest transformation, release of emotions and healing can occur. Most often, this healing process continues for several weeks or even months after the session itself.In order to provide my clients with the greatest possible transformation, comfort and safety, I also reach for Reiki, the Akashic Records and Galactic Astrology during my hypnosis sessions.The Session
- Interview (1 - 3 hours)
- Water Alchemy - Intention
- Heart Coherence
- Hypnosis (up to 2 hours)
- Session wrap-up (around 30 mins)
The session takes place online on the Zoom platform and is recorded so that you can come back to it at any time.If you are based in Poland I also offer an in person option.If you have any questions you can contact me by e-mail or you can book via the Calendly link above.My readings are designed to help you make choices and decisions aligned with your true self.A reading or session of any kind should never take the power out of your own hands.Sending you love & light!599 USD (~5 hours recorded Zoom session)